Rustic Pines hardwood deck

Our Approach

Our Approach

At Rustic Pines we believe that we make outdoor living beautiful.  Our mission is to provide a space that has a functional and integrated design that goes above and beyond your expectations. We believe that it's never just a deck!

At Rustic Pines we believe that our quality workmanship, clean work-sites, respectable employees and customer service are what sets us apart from any other company. Let us make your backyard beautiful.

Our Story

Consider Every Detail

Your project will be finished with quality workmanship that shows we care about every detail. This includes more than just the design, it is about the details you find in the finishes such as the trim around the edges of your deck or stairs. Our craftsmanship is seen in our custom made lattice or the notches in the styles for our arbours and pergolas.

Taking The Time

We take the time to design each individual deck with our 3-D design program. We offer stamped drawings as well as permits for all our jobs.  We strive to expand our customer’s imagination by adding levels, structures and lighting to our projects.

An Enjoyable Experience from Start to Finish

We want to provide an enjoyable experience for the customer.  This includes respect from all of our employees to the customer, their property and the neighbors around them.  We provide a lively atmosphere that is tidy, and free from swearing and profanities.  When we leave the job site we want it to be as clean as when we got there. We believe in our finished product.  The customer will be happy with all the little detail work we put into our decks.  We do our best to solve any problems that may become apparent after we have left the job in a prompt and satisfactory fashion.

Our Approach

Our Story

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The Next Step...

Reach out to us today and one of our qualified professionals will book an appointment to meet with you to review the details of your project and make your vision a reality.