At Rustic Pines, it’s never just a deck. You get a space to bring life to your home, help you relax and allow you to entertain with ease. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. We design and build decks that fit your specifications to create a beautiful and functional deck for your lifestyle.
Using the latest 3D design software and top quality materials, Rustic Pines works with you to design a custom deck that fits your lifestyle. Let’s get started!


Timberframe Structures

At Rustic Pines, our dedicated capenters have experience working in a variety of design and construction projects. If you have an idea or inspiration for an outdoor project, we can work with you to find a way to make it a reality. Post and beam structures are large statement pieces that are unique. They add a beauty and aesthetic appeal to any space by upgrading your backyard.  We take a post and beam structure and create a unique architectural masterpiece.


Pavillion/Shade Structures

Looking to increase the shade cover in your backyard? Rustic Pines designs and constructs unique, beautiful, and functional shade structures. Pavilions, gazebos, patio covers, and more can provide shade or supplement natural shade from nearby trees.

Shade structures provide protection from both the sun and rain, as well as privacy from neighbours or passersby. The cozy atmosphere created by pavilions and gazebos are perfect for entertaining and relaxing.


Screen Rooms

Spending time outside on a deck or patio is fantastic in the summer. However, bugs like mosquitoes and black flies can prove to be a lot to handle at certain times of the year or in specific areas. A solution to this is a screen room. Whether you want to avoid pesky bugs in a forested area or simply want a room in your home with easy access to outside, a screen room could be the perfect option for you. At Rustic Pines, we design and construct custom screen rooms for your home to fit your specifications.



Privacy Walls

Privacy walls are simple structures that make a world of difference in an open backyard. Fences can be less than pleasing to the eye and depending on your property, they may not be what you are comfortable with. However you may still want some shade or privacy and these walls are a fantastic solution. Our privacy walls are constructed with top quality products. During the planning process we provide you with options on material choices and we use our expertise to build the privacy wall that fits your needs! Why build an ugly boring fence when you can build a masterpiece that you are proud to share with your family and friends for years to come!



Sheds and Pool Cabanas


We use top quality materials to design large, small, or medium-sized sheds for your property. A shed needs to be durable, withstand the elements, and have custom organization to suit your needs. We work closely with you to design a shed that will house the items you need with easy access. The structures are designed with you in mind, they are built to last years so why not put your own personal touch into the design process. We look to incorporate your personal taste into every shed we design and build!

Pool Cabanas

Pool cabanas are often understated and fun small structures, but that doesn’t mean they have to be simple! You choose the materials that best suit your backyard and pool aesthetic and we can provide a durable, unique, and functional pool cabana. Whether just a small space to act as a change room or a larger structure to act multi-functionally; if you can dream it we can design it and construct it!

Take your vision to reality

We take your dreams and develop them into reality. Contact us today to take the next steps.